A Brief History of Anna Christine Anderson Thorup II

Anna Christine wept for she had known the sting of death and tribulations.

Her love for her children carried her through, and she had no desire to lose another one of them. The children recall with delight their long winter evenings when they would sit around the old kitchen stove and in the light of the flickering flames listen intently to her wonderful stories


Her two oldest sons filled missions for the church, and all four of them married and have raised some fine children. Anna Christine had a pride in and love for her grandchildren as she did for her children. Today Her posterity is numerous, and all who remember her remember the strength of character that she possessed. She was known as a very practical woman, staunch in her faith and devotion to her family. She knew the true meaning of sacrifice, trials, hardship and work, but she also knew the joy of service, unselfishness, and constancy in the work of the Lord,

She died February 17, 1924. She had spent that Sunday with her oldest son, Herman and was on her way with him to attend Sacrament meeting when she was stricken with a stroke. She passed away soon after she had been returned to his home.