Herman August Thorup

Biography of Marie Christine Christensen

Mary C Christensen throupWritten by her son, John T. Thorup

20 June 1913

After the Lord had commenced His latter day work On this the promised land’ He remembered His chosen people dwelling in foreign lands and commanded His Prophets to send Elders to them. It was about this time when the Gospel was restored that the subject of this narrative Mary C. Christensen was born.

She was born September 19, 1824 in Myrupsgaard, (Vaster Egensborg Parish), Praesto, Denmark. Her father and mother were among the wealthy class and owned well stocked farms and plenty of this world’s goods. Her mother died while she was yet but a child and she was raised without a mother’s care During her girlhood days she received a common school education and was taught in the Lutheran religion.

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Herman August Thorup

herman August Throru p bestWebHerman August Thorup was born to Chistian Larsen  and Johanna Holm 11 August 1826 Copenhagen, Denmark

The following is an edited exert from " History of The Thorup Family" by son Herman F. F. Thorup

His father Christian, at a very young age and yet old enough was apprenticed to a harness maker named Magnus where he learned the harness trade. He served Herr Magnus 46 years and became his foreman and leather cutter. In due time he married, but we do not know the name of his first wife.

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