Grandma ( Marie C. Thorup )

Elen R. Poulson Sep 19,1939

My grandma was a lady fair who loved fine clothes and hats,

The silks and satins were her choice to dress In clothes like that*.

My grandma used to crimp her hair, which made her look so neat;


A chain of gold hung round her neck to make her dress completes

My grandma was an early bird, and worked before twas late;

Each afternoon she took a nap, and went to bed at eight.

My grandma always told the truth and lies how she did hate

The life she lived has well proved that; her aim was to be straight.

My grandma loved her religion; to Church she always went;

Her tithes and offerings she had paid--on such her heart was bent

My grandma always said her prayers each morning and at night

So the Lord would help to guide her In everything that’s right,

My grandma always read church books--the new ones and the old.

Her testimony was strong with faith, and truths she did uphold

And in the temple grandma worked for many of her dead;

She wanted to bring salvation to all her kin, she said

My grandma was so good and kind, the sick she went to see;

The poor she did her best to help; non from her door turned she

A delightful garden grandma had, with corn, beets, peas, and beans,

Carrots, potatoes squash, and all, and fruit trees there between.

My grandma was never stingy; good measure was her aim.

The beat she had was none too good to give to those who came.

Now grandma dear, your life has been a pattern to us all;

It’s up to us to do what’s right, and In your footsteps fall.