Herman F. F. Thorup

Autobiography of Herman F.F. Thorup - Chapter 2

On the twenty-first of October eighteen hundred and seventy nine, I took my departure from my home in Salt Lake City, in connection with my brother John and thirteen other Elders for to go into the world and preach the gospel. After twenty one days journey, I landed in my native city, Copenhagen, with my brother John, Jacob Hansen, Peter Nielsen and Stoll of Brigham City. We were all well, enjoying the spirit of our calling, knowing that we were messengers of life and salvation to our fellowman.

I was appointed by President N. Wilhelmsen to preside over West and South Sjalland in the Copenhagen Conference. I labored in that part of the Lord's vineyard till the 19th day of June eighteen hundred and eighty one. The Lord Blessed my labors. Over 40 souls were added unto the Church and a great many changes have been made. Relief Society, Young Men's meetings, Sunday Schools, were organized, for the benefit and the improving of the Saints of God. Times were hard and the poor suffered more or less from the necessities of life.

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Autobiography of Herman F.F. Thorup - Chapter 3

As I had made covenant with my Heavenly Father to observe His laws and keep His commandments. I then on the 21st day of December 1882 married Jensine Jensen of Greenae, Denmark, she receiving her endowment the same day.

And at 5:00 o'clock we were sealed to each other for time and all eternity in the new and everlasting covenant. I then had made one step in the order of matrimony. It was a great trial to me before I could overcome myself in obeying that great and holy commandment, and many times I thought I would let it alone and wait till better times would come. But the Lord, through His holy Spirit, told me that if I did not obey that law that I should be Damned. So I had to bow to His will, he having led to me a virtuous woman, full in faith of the gospel, and today I feel to praise my Creator that He did give me strength to obey that law.

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Herman F. F. Writes A Kind Of Providence


IN the month of November, 1867, while traveling from place to place as a missionary in Denmark, I came to a small village called Dysted. It was in the South Sjaelland district, in the Copenhagen Conference. I had visited nearly every house, when it began to be late in the afternoon, and I concluded it was time to be looking for a lodging place for the night.

It was raining very fine, and had been for nearly two weeks, which made traveling very unpleasant.

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Incident of Missionary Labor - Part I

maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com Trees Kolding Pond Denmark Park Landscape Water 82250LATE in the fall of 1867 I was labor­ing as a missionary in my native coun­try. Being only eighteen years of age, and having no experience in this great world, I had much to learn: not only the Gospel, which I was sent to pro­claim, but the customs and manners of the people as well.

I was appointed to labor with the presiding Elder of the district, an experienced missionary, who had a great deal of regard for his own welfare. After traveling some months among the branches of the Church, the president and myself took a new field of labor. He was to take one side of the road and I the other, and to go from house to house; and when evening came we were to try and find each other. So we parted. The weather was nice overhead, but the traveling was very difficult at places, as the wind had drifted the snow very high, and small houses were nearly covered by it.

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