Autobiography of Herman F.F. Thorup - Chapter 2

On the twenty-first of October eighteen hundred and seventy nine, I took my departure from my home in Salt Lake City, in connection with my brother John and thirteen other Elders for to go into the world and preach the gospel. After twenty one days journey, I landed in my native city, Copenhagen, with my brother John, Jacob Hansen, Peter Nielsen and Stoll of Brigham City. We were all well, enjoying the spirit of our calling, knowing that we were messengers of life and salvation to our fellowman.

I was appointed by President N. Wilhelmsen to preside over West and South Sjalland in the Copenhagen Conference. I labored in that part of the Lord's vineyard till the 19th day of June eighteen hundred and eighty one. The Lord Blessed my labors. Over 40 souls were added unto the Church and a great many changes have been made. Relief Society, Young Men's meetings, Sunday Schools, were organized, for the benefit and the improving of the Saints of God. Times were hard and the poor suffered more or less from the necessities of life.


I enjoyed a very good health so far, although the climate had some effect upon my health, and the food different from that at home. I was blessed with visions and dreams, and on one occasion when I was very sick, I went to a family of Latterday Saints that if I should die that the Brethren would know about it. So when I laid myself on the bed, a heavenly person descended dressed in temple clothes. He did not touch the floor of the room. After a few seconds he departed. I got up on my feet, and to my great surprise, the sickness had entirely left me.

Another time, I saw the Logan Temple completed and the Savior sitting among the Brethren of the Priesthood. Many such incidents happened while abroad, and many trying hours among the Saints who preferred to be Saints. By reading the Daybook of my first mission to Europe, it will be seeing the times that I had abroad.

June 20th 1881

I left my native land for my Mountain home with 700 of emigrating Saints. I was appointed 1st counselor to the President of the Danish Company. We had a very good time,

some being seasick while crossing the mighty waters. Two days before landing in New York the President of the United States was shot, but he was still alive.

After landing in New York and getting our things ready for to go by rails to our Mountain home, we had some difficulty with the officers at the Castle Garden, but we got things alright and off we went with our costly freight of human souls.

July 15th we arrived in the great Salt Lake City. All well onboard. After a four days stay those of the emigrants that should go south left for Juab. I then was home once more amongst the Saints of God, and I also had the great privilege to receive two of my dear children, Mary and Albert. They was well and it seems to feel pretty good. But there was no mother nor wife to embrace. She has gone to where we all have to go. Things did not look so bright as they might have done. I had my father and mother, and also my brothers and sisters, but here it was different. Here stands the man without a home, with dear children, but no loving wife or kind mother to his children. It was indeed trying days. I sought my God in prayer that he would lend me one that would be a true wife and mother to my children.

While the emigrants was laying over in Salt Lake, there was a sister by the name of Anna Christine. She seems to be a good woman and one that could answer to fill the place of my beloved wife, Sophie. So I asked God to show me if she was the one that could take the place as a wife and mother to the children. So when I asked her, she said something had been working upon her, for which she could not give an account. But when I told her what I wanted, she felt satisfied and was ready and willing. And after a time of two months from the day that I landed in Salt Lake City we were married to each other in the new and everlasting covenant for time and all eternity, it being in the month of September and on the 29th day in the year of our Lord and Master 1881.