The Angel of the Lord was There Park Fountain Copenhagen Statue 1922661One day in the beginning of March, 1880, while visiting the Saints of West Sjaelland, in the Copenhagen Confer­ence, in their meetings and in their homes, I went to a small village, Salt­tofte by name. Here I had the great joy of baptizing one family into the Church of Christ.

The next day I visited a Sister Madsen and her daughter. Mr. Madsen was not a member of our Church, but very bitter, and his wife and daughter were many times ill-treated by him, in­somuch that their lives were in constant danger. Sister Madsen was very sick and she dared not call upon any of the brethren to administer the ordinances of the Gospel for fear her husband would not permit them to enter the house, or do some other harm to them.


I went to see the Saints to comfort and cheer them in the things of God, so that a better spirit might prevail in their hearts.

Mr. Madsen was absent at the time but was expected home every minute. Our sister and her daughter were trembling with fear that he might come while I was at the house. But I felt that there was no power that could harm us, so I told the sisters to be of good cheer.

After some conversation with the folks, Sister Madsen asked me if I would administer unto her, as she was very sick.

I told her I would. I then took the consecrated oil and anointed her, then I laid my hands upon her head to seal the anointing, when I found that some unseen power had closed my mouth. After a few minutes had passed a dark shadow was seen passing the window. As soon as that had left, my mouth was opened and 1 sealed the blessing of  health. and commanded the evil ones to depart and not to molest this our sick sister. After a short stay I left them, asking God to be with them.

The next day while traveling to another part of the country I met Mr. Madsen on the road. He seemed to be very friendly to me, and he began to tell me what had taken place at his home while I was there. When he came home he had learned that I was in the house, and he swore with a big oath that I should be put out of the house. So he went into a small shanty, where he hid himself, but he could not remain there very long, so he went to the door of the shanty. He heard my voice, and knew that I was about to administer to his sick wife. Then the evil one took possession of him, and he ran up to the house to put me out. But when he got to the door of the room where we were he was stopped by an unseen power, and he heard a voice say, "Do not harm the man who is in thy house, nor thy family."

He was at this time made powerless, hence he glided down by the window, and it was his shadow that I saw pass­ing by when my mouth was closed. He again hid himself in the shanty, and did not come out until I had left the place.

He stated that there was with him a feeling of satisfaction that he had left me alone.

Here I learned by this man's testimony the reason why my mouth was closed, and when it again was opened in order that I might perform my duty towards our sick sister. The angel of God was there to protect us, hence I felt safe to say to the folks that no power should molest us while I was at their house.

It was another testimony to me that this is God's work, and that He again has restored His Priesthood to the earth.

To every reader I will say, live so that you can have power with God your Eternal Father, that in all your doings in life God may sustain you.

H. F. F. Thorup  

15 Sept 1895 pp 670-71 Juvenile Instructor