Herman F. F. Thorup

Incident of Missionary Labor - Part II

327px Den Borchske gård Old house in Kolding DenmarkON the last day of January, 1868, I left the Saints whom I was laboring among as a missionary and took a trip to the northern part of South Sjalland, to a city called Ringsted. On entering the city I found myself without a penny in my pocket, and I had only had a scanty meal for breakfast.

I had been told that a young man-a shoemaker by trade-was living close to the street that leads out to the south of the city. I found him and told him what I had come for. It was getting towards evening, and I had no place to stop for the night. I was also hungry, but as I was getting used to having only one or perhaps two meals a day, that did not trouble me so much. The young man, whose name was Petersen, I found to be in very poor circumstances. He gave me the last money he had, which consisted of about eight cents.

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The Angel of the Lord was There

maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com Park Fountain Copenhagen Statue 1922661One day in the beginning of March, 1880, while visiting the Saints of West Sjaelland, in the Copenhagen Confer­ence, in their meetings and in their homes, I went to a small village, Salt­tofte by name. Here I had the great joy of baptizing one family into the Church of Christ.

The next day I visited a Sister Madsen and her daughter. Mr. Madsen was not a member of our Church, but very bitter, and his wife and daughter were many times ill-treated by him, in­somuch that their lives were in constant danger. Sister Madsen was very sick and she dared not call upon any of the brethren to administer the ordinances of the Gospel for fear her husband would not permit them to enter the house, or do some other harm to them.

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The Lord In A wonderful Way Provides For His Servants

Windmill The Funen Village ODense Denmark 021 21In the years of 1879-'80, and 81, I was laboring as a missionary in my native country. I was called to preside over two large branches of West and South Sjaelland, in the Copenhagen Conference. Several brethren were also laboring as traveling Elders in the same branches. Elder Jacob Hansen of Bear River City, Box Elder County, was, in the year 1880, appointed to travel in those branches.

He never had been on a mission before, consequently it was trying; to him; but he was a humble man, and had the desire of fulfilling his mission to the glory of God.

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The Signs That Follow Those Who Believe

maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com Little Girl Viking Village Lake Vikings Denmark 943509EARLY in the year 1867 I was labor­ing as a local Teacher in my native country. I was then eighteen years' old, and had just been ordained an Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter­day Saints.

I felt that a great responsibility had been placed upon me, but I knew that my Father would not forsake me, so long as I was humble, and sought to do His will and not my own, and that He would give me that necessary strength for the performance of my duties.

I was blessed with good parents, who taught me to pray, have faith in God, and also to keep myself free from the evils which are so abundant in the world. I thus learned, from my early youth, to have faith in God, and this faith in­creased with me as I became older, notwithstanding all my weaknesses.

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Those Dreadful Days

IN THE month of August, 1861, I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, being then twelve years old. It was a time I shall never forget, for I knew that my sins were for­given, and I had entered into the Church of God. I was happy and my heart was full of thanksgiving to my God.

Five years later I attended a Priest­hood meeting with my father, who was at that time clerk of the conference, when my name was called, I having been selected to be ordained a deacon in the Church. I was appointed to labor in one of the districts. When meeting was brought to a close, the brethren came and congratulated me on my ordi­nation. I thanked them all, but in my soul I felt quite downcast.

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