Jensine Jensen Thorup Biography

Jensine17Biography of Jensine Jensen Thorup

July 17 1940

Jensine Jensine was the daughter of Niels Peter Jensen and Berths Maria Rasmussen. She was born July 17, 1861 at Benson Hodo, Randers, Denmark, the oldest of eleven children. She attended school in Denmark from which she was graduated.

Her father was called to war with Sweden. This caused her to leave home for work to help keep the family. Jensine went to work on a Large gore or ranch as a cook. On this ranch they had many helpers, 1st and 2nd girls. When she was through cooking she would knit stockings or gather turf and other things. She often worked until midnight. She was allowed to go home once a year to see her folks. She was homesick, all alone in the world, away from her people. Her mother had taught her to pray and through this she received great consolation.

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It was My Mother

Inserted into Jensine's Biography

--by Theodore C. Curtis

It was my mother who taught me to stand
True to the truth, in heart of the land.
Taught me to see, like a Lily unfurled
Beauty and good in the commonplace world,
It was my mother, who taught me to dream,
Turning my craft up the turbulent stream;
Taught me to live and to love and to sing
Lifting my heart like a bird on the wing.
It was my mother, who taught me to pray
Bowed at her knee in the dusk of the day;
Taught me to live without tinsel or sham;
God bless you mothers for much that I am.