Thorup Family Ties

Thorup coverWelcome to Thorup Family Ties - a website to share stories, pictures and traditions of Herman August Thorup born 11 Aug 1826 Copehahgen Denmark and Marie Christine Christensen born Myrupgaard, V. Egesborg, Praesto, Denmark and their family.

We would like to have this site be like a family reunion for the thousands of descendants of this family. As their posterity we have a legacy of faith, integrity, service and sacrifice to be grateful for and emulated in our own lives. They left family status and comfort for their faith to settle in a raw untamed territory filled with unspeakable challenges on every hand. They suffered untimely deaths of beloved spouses, children and friends, poverty, prejudices and other deprivations and yet despite it all, came off the conquerors with an unshakable determination to live life no matter how it was dealt them with a firm resolve to see with the greater vision of faith.

Through the years I have been blessed with the generosity of some many of the Thorup family sharing pictures stories and journals with me. A special thank you to Wilma Thorup Sevdin, now deceased, which for many years organized Thorup family reunions and published so many of these histories and family photos. Her last words to me expressed her deep concern that no one would appreciate this legacy of faith our grandparents left to us and her work would be forgotten. I have transcribed a great deal of the information which she and others have shared with me and into a book I published entitled Dedicated Faith, in hopes of furthering her tireless work. Gayle Lindstrom, also now deceased, generously contributed many carefully preserved pictures which his mother Bertha Thorup passed on to him. Other cousins have also contributed both their pictures and encouragement to keep the information alive for future generations. With the blessing of technology it is hoped that many more Thorup descendants can be reached, inspired and informed through this website.

We welcome positive input and anything of salient interest you may want to share, be it pictures, memories, stories, family recipes etc. As a matter of privacy we will not publish living person’s names or without their permission.

Most of all enjoy your legacy.