broccoli 1078163 640Cabbage– As recorded in 1930 by William W. Thorup, Son

Now bear in mind we did not have the means to buy our food as we do today.  Tin cans were rare if any.  We had to put up our food in the season thereof if we expect to eat and have a variety.  Cabbage was another food we had lots of.

Kale, a curly leaf cabbage was almost a weekly meal cooked in barley to the consistency of a soup.  It was good, but I did not relish it too often.

Chili Sauce

Crème fraîche and chili sauceAs recorded by Eliza A. Thorup Fikstad, Daughter and Delaures Fikstad-Harkness, Grand-daughter

30 tomatoes

3 green peppers

3 red peppers

10 large onions

5 cups vinegar

3 tb. salt

2 cups sugar

Put spices in bag

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