Danish Pickles

2200427208 6d22ba7567As recorded 1930 by William W. Thorup, Son

(Mother) put up gallons of Danish pickles.  You may wonder what Danish pickles so I will explain this briefly.  As I stated, the Danes never wasted anything. Like we do here in America.

The ripe cucumbers were used –some of them a foot long, yellow, and these were the best. 

They were cleaned, cut in half, peeled, lay in a brine solution so many days according to the amount, taken out, wiped thoroughly, then put into a vinegar solution, seasoned with cinnamon bark (big pieces), various spices to the right consistency and flavor, cooked till crystal clear, cooled and put into big crock like the pumpkin.

This we left to ripen likewise for at least one or two weeks.  And were they delicious—the cucumbers crystal clear.