Fruit Trees

jam 74320 640I recall very vividly the few fruit trees Dad allowed to grow and bear fruit—apples, plums, cherries, quince, apricots, raspberries (red and white), currants (English and Native, white, black and red), and Crab Apples.

The Apricot and Crab trees were on mother’s side.  We would have the fruit that fell to cook.  The rest were picked and sold.  Now this Apricot was par excellent flavor—now extant, laxative quality 100%, color deep yellow—to summarize it, “perfect”.


The red Astrican apples were big in those days.  When they got ripe and would fall, we could pick them up and mother would peel them and make jelly out of the peelings and apple sauce of the meat.  They were large trees—that was before the worms came, and they would hang on till dead ripe if the wind didn’t come up.  And when they would fall, they, being over ripe would split….So I would get up into the tree, watch my opportunity, and shake the limb ever so lightly, climb down and pick up a bucket full and take them home, --Mother, not the wiser as to what I had done, thinking they had dropped during the night.