Meals Miscellaneous Raw Eggs Egg Yolk Bio Egg Eggshell Chicken Eggs 1510449– As recorded in 1930 by William W. Thorup, Son

Our main diet as long as I was young and can remember, was friccaddilar (ground beef to you), potatoes, and plum butter.

Eggs rare—they were for cooking; oatmeal mush for breakfast, Round stake (sic)  changed place with ground beef now and then.  Round Stake (sic)wasn’t in demand then as it is today, and you got quite a bit for $ .25. 

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Pickled Beets

10788939094 0d41c13bb1 z– As recorded by Eliza Thorup Fikstad, Daughter


2 cups water

½ cup apple cider vinegar

¾ cup sugar

Cook beets, cool, skin and slice.  Let beets boil a few minutes (3-4) in the syrup.

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Pickled Pumpkins

360px Munchkin Pumpkin– As recorded in 1930 by William W. Thorup, Son

Select your pumpkins.  With us it was the small ones, the ones Odd shaped for we sold the perfect ones as this was part of our living.

Cut them open, clean out the seeds, peel the rind sufficient so no green part is left.

Cut them in strips full length of pumpkin about an inch thick, and then after treating in Saline solution for so many hours, the long one are cut about the length of your finger, were taken out, wiped dry and put into sweetened vinegar liquid into which was put a number of vanilla beans.

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