Rote Grütze Vanillesauce 2As recorded in 1973 by Eliza A. Thorup Fikstad, Daughter

3 cups red currents.  Clean and put on to boil.  I put enough water over berries to cover good.  When berries are nearly white, then you drain off the juice.

Put the juice on to boil again.  Put (2) cinnamon sticks in and let boil.

Then you put Tapioca in – about 2 good Tablespoons full (1/2 cup to 5 cups of juice), let boil until clear.

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Sweet Pickles Pickles Freshness Salad Vegetable Bio Green 1036135– Asubstitute recipe of Lola Fikstad Peterson, trying to match her mother’s and  grandmother’s recipe

"Million Dollar Pickles"

3 qts. water, boil with 1 1/4 cups of salt..

Pour over cut cucumbers,  let stand 9 days.

each morning take cloth off and wash.

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