Gustava Sophia Johnson Thorup Biography

SophiaSo it was here at this home in Spring City that the that the family was living in 1871 when age 24, and her sister Charlotte, age 22, finally came to Utah. They had saved their money and paid their own way. They arrived at Long Island, New York, July 4th , and celebrated July 24th at a dance In Provo. Here their father met them with a borrowed mule team and wagon and brought them to their new home in Spring City.

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Gustava Sophia Johnson Thorup Biography II

Gustava Sofia Johnson, know to the family as Aunt Sofie, was born December 12th 1845 in Kyrkafalla,Brevik, Skaraborg County, Sweden, the daughter of Johannes Jonsson and Kajsa Lisa Andersson.

Only little is known about the childhood and youth of her father. He served his term in the Army as required by law. He learned his father’s trade, tailoring. He was about 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighed around a hundred and seventy pounds, and was very erect in his posture and in walking. He had blue eyes and dark hair and was a very good looking man.

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