Autobiography of Herman F.F. Thorup - Chapter 3

As I had made covenant with my Heavenly Father to observe His laws and keep His commandments. I then on the 21st day of December 1882 married Jensine Jensen of Greenae, Denmark, she receiving her endowment the same day.

And at 5:00 o'clock we were sealed to each other for time and all eternity in the new and everlasting covenant. I then had made one step in the order of matrimony. It was a great trial to me before I could overcome myself in obeying that great and holy commandment, and many times I thought I would let it alone and wait till better times would come. But the Lord, through His holy Spirit, told me that if I did not obey that law that I should be Damned. So I had to bow to His will, he having led to me a virtuous woman, full in faith of the gospel, and today I feel to praise my Creator that He did give me strength to obey that law.


My children with my wife Sophie was now at home and we were all united into one family, My wife Christine had a fine daughter born unto me, which was called Anna Eliza. Also, my wife Jensine had a fine daughter born, and called Birthe Jensine, and after a time a son was born unto me by my wife Christine. And he was called after his father, Herman.

At this time I was preparing to go to the temple of the most high God for to perform ordinances pertaining unto the Dead, and in the latter part of the month called November in the year 1887 my wife Christine, myself, and my children Mary, Anna, & Herman, went to Logan

Temple in connection with my mother, [my sister ] Laura and her children. We stayed there two weeks and I was baptized for over 70 people, and had some sealings done at the samme time for my wife and for my mother. On returning home I was met at the R.R. Depot by my brother Joseph. He informed me that my daughter Sophia was sick. At my arrival home I found some of the children sick. I administered to my daughter and she slept all night. But in the morning she died without any pain, not knowing her disease. When people came to my house, they told me it was the dreadfull disease Diphtheria. During that week I took to the graveyard 3 of my children, two of my wife Sophie's and the oldest of Christine. But the next week my oldest son, Albert, took sick. I had Doctor night and day, but of no use. He passed away as the other children--that boy in whom I thought I should be able to rear up in the Kingdom of God. But the Lord's will had to be done. It was indeed a trying time to me and my family, and if it had not been for the blessings that we had received in the temple we would not have stood it as we did. The Lord did strengthen us in our trials-of afflictions. My sister Laura also lost their oldest son by the same disease.

Shortly after my children had died, the persecution began to take place and a few of the brethren was arrested. President John Taylor, his counselors, and others were hid up and have been so unto the present time. On January the 23rd my wife Jensine had a daughter born to me. She was called Anna Magdalene. Two weeks from the time she was born, I had to move my wife in a cold morning with snow on the ground out of my house, by order of the Bishop, that the marshals should not get me. I took her to my sister. She suffered then a long time with pains, and our little daughter cried for over 4 months and I thought that she should not have withstood it. From that day I had to move my wife from one place to another, causing lots of trouble and many a sorrowful day, not to say anything of the money that it cost me in moving, etc. So it seemed that nothing but trouble and trials should be my lot while here upon the earth. Yet I do feel to praise my God and Redeemer, for He did comfort us, and gave us strength that we were able to stand the trial. He answered our prayers, although we were tried; but nevertheless, to Him be the honor and glory given wherever our lot may be cast.

1885, on the 1st day of November, my wife Christine was confined and she bore another son, which was called Joseph Fredrik. At this time there were several of our Brethren cast into prison for keeping the commandment of God. On the 12th day of April 1886 my wife, Jensine, was confined and bore another daughter, which was called Emilie. She was not born at home, but in the house of my parents, and when she was born, we did thought that she should die. But her day had not come just then. After some time had passed, I took my wife to the Sugarhouse Ward, to a family by name of Rockwood. She did not stay there but a month, and I had to move her again on account of trouble; the Deputies arrested a sister across the road. Not knowing where to go, I went to President W. Woodruff's house in the Farmers Ward, where she was for several days. Here my daughter Emilie took sick. Not knowing what I should do, I took my wife and children home. The Bishop and Joseph E. Taylor could not give me any advice, but told me to do the best I could , and at the same time not get others into trouble.

Our little child was very sick, and suffered a great deal. At last she could not stand it any longer, her body was worn out and the spirit took its flight. It was indeed a trying time for my wife. Yet we had to acknowledge the hand of God in these things--that our child had to suffer through the cause of this persecution, and it shall stand against this Nation in the day of judgment when it shall be measured out to them in a double way, that which they now are doing unto the Saints of God. My child was buried in secret; no one to be there at the grave, not even it's mother.

My father an my brother John was there, and my mother and Sister Osterman from Sandy at the grave. She was laid by my son Albert. And when the grave was closed, and congealed the body, I then had my wife Sophie and 6 of my children buried beneath the grave.